BridgeTab is a new approach to electronic scoring.

NO special hardware is needed. You can convert inexpensive standard tablets to an easy to use BridgeTab with unlimited possibilities within seconds...

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Welcome to BridgeTab UK

Providing support for BridgeTab electronic scoring in the UK.

BridgeTab is a new approach to electronic scoring.

It uses Android tablets or phones of your choice to provide a solution that is:

  • • Low Cost
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to read with a large colour display

Jannerstan Forlag have developed this new approach from their Bridgescorer program and units.

It represents a reliable, low cost and intuitive approach that makes electronic scoring affordable to even the smallest Bridge club or even for the home user.

How It Works

1 - Test Android App

We suggest that you try BridgeTabs on an Android tablet (or phone) before you commit to anything.

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2 - Test BridgeTab on a PC

Your next step should be to install the whole BridgeTab demo system, which will enable you to take part in an ongoing pairs game.

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3 - The Full System Test

Then you register as a BridgeTab user and apply for a test licence that enables you to run games with up to 15 tables.

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